Logo Submission Requirements
  • No set up charge for logos or images submitted digitally as vector format eps, pdf or ai files. If your unsure if your logo file is vector format please contact us to discuss your logo files.  Bitmap jpg, png or tiff files exported to eps, pdf or ai files will not be accepted.  
  • High resolution jpg, png or tiff files that are suitable for auto trace to vector may be accepted.  Please contact us to see if your high resolution bitmap image is suitable for auto trace.
  • Customers will be notified if any artwork submitted is not usable for engraving.  We will contact customers to resolve any artwork issues.
Additional Set up Cost
A one time $25.00 set up charge will be charged to redraw all non approved bitmap jpg, png, tiff or similar file formats.   The set up charge will apply to bitmap images(jpg, png, tiff) that need to be redrawn and converted to one color vector art in order to engrave. 
  • Detailed logos may need to be simplified prior to engraving.
  • Logo font size may need to be adjusted when logo size is reduced to fit on engraving area.
  • Logos submitted as low resolution or poor quality may have additional set up cost.
  • Detailed bitmap and vector logos may have additional set up cost. 
  • Special requests, logo design or custom artwork may have additional set up cost.

The examples below show bitmap logos(jpg, png, tiff) that have been converted to vector format and programed for laser engraving.  If you have a detailed logo that you would like engraved please call or email us to discuss engraving options or additional setup cost. Contact Rocky National customer service if you would like to see a proof prior to placing a order.

Engraved Knife Blade ScallionEngraved KaBar US ArmyEngraved Knife Blade Shuffle

Rocky National takes pride in our finished products.  If there are any concerns with engraving requests customers will be contacted prior to engraving.  We will work with customers through the entire order process to ensure quality engraving results.  We do our very best to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
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